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Poland Investor Program

Get Free Assessment Now! You took the Right Decision where to start your European Business. We would like to propose you a great idea of getting “KARTA POBYTU” the resident while opening the company in Poland. The opening company in Poland giving new opportunities for business in the whole EU with European standards. While you will have a company in Poland you are able to apply for “KARTA POBYTU”.


It’s very easy. You can establish your Limited Liability European Company ( Spolka z.o.o in Poland ) wherever You are. To establish LLC Company in Poland, You have to be Two Partners. (Your Friend,Brother,Wife,Girlfriend ,etc..) You can choose any Partner above 18 & prepare Passport Scans for Both of You.

First Step :
Choose Name for Your Company & Fill the form ( in the Attachment ) contains The Data required for Registration. then send it with scan of your passports to Us Again. We will check Your Data & Your Company Name in Warsaw National Court.

After the Money transfer, We will start to issue Your Company Contract from the Court.
This will take about One Month.
The Date of Releasing Your Contract from the Court will be Your Company Establishing Date.