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Finland Investor Program

Northway Immigration is a well-established and best Finland investor program consultant. Get your free assessment done by the Northway Immigration consultant. We are glad to help you make the optimal, efficient and economic choice, In order to get your first Residence Permit in Finland we will help you:

  • Start or buy remotely a company or a private legal entity
  • Supervise all the process until getting the Residence Permits
  • Arrange all documents and supervise the application of the documents to get the Residence Permits
  • You have to generate enough income on the company’s account to pay your wage and taxes.
  • We are taking care of all included legal, tax, and accounting aspects, supporting you all the way in every step.


  • Passport & Visa page copy
  • Educational Documents
  • Power of attorney
  • Police Clarence (Country of residence)