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Canada Spouse Visa

Your relatives can live, study, and work in Canada if they become permanent residents of Canada. Steps to become a Canadian citizen. You can sponsor certain relatives to come to Canada if you’re at least 18 years old.

Canada Spouse Or Partner Sponsorship

The reunification of families is one the major mandate of Canada’s immigration department, therefore it generally allowed to its permanent residents to sponsor their spouse or parents as per common law. Northway Immigration is offering wide range of legal services including immigration, legal consultancy and education and can surely facilitate you if you are looking forward to sponsor your family.

Canada Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship

Canadian immigration authorities have completed inviting new applications for the popular Parent and Grandparent Program, through which Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their parents and/or grandparents for Canadian permanentresidence.

Canada Super Visas

It is a long-term, multiple-entry visa for parents and grandparents of permanent residents or Canadian citizens. The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa (Super Visa) is a temporary resident permit that allows parents and grandparents to stay for up to 2 years in Canada per visit. It is valid for up to 10 years.